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About Us

At Nini & Deluca, we understand that high quality ingredients are the most important weapon in every chef’s, and every home cook’s arsenal. Our years of experience have taught us that you don’t need any Michelin stars to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. All you need is patience, love, and the finest Italian products to create unforgettable culinary experiences with friends and family.


The Science of Simplicity

Quality is something everyone can taste. The majority of sauces you’ll find on the grocer’s shelf are produced in large commercial quantities, with cost-efficient ingredients, sugars, and additives that sacrifice quality to convenience. At Nini & Deluca, we only stock sauces that adhere to our rustic culinary creed: freshness, and simplicity above all.



Our sauces are free of frivolous ‘flavor enhancing’ additives, favoring instead the kind of tradition you’d expect from Italy, or for that matter, from nonna’s table.


There's nothing more romantic than Italian food.


Why Buy Authentic Italian Produce?

Italian cuisine is world-renowned, and for good reason. However, though you may see a ‘genuine’ Italian restaurant on every block these days, it is seldom so. The difference? Authenticity begins and ends with the quality of the produce being used.

The perfect tomato, or pomodoro, is needed for the perfect sauce. Although you don’t see it, ideal Italian weather conditions, and hundreds of years of trial, error, and tradition come together in the fragrant, rich red sauce we’ve all come to love. Most high-quality sauces are made from Roma tomatoes, or the highly coveted San Marzano variety, which were first grown in the volcanic soil at the base of Mount Vesuvius, near Naples. Though tomatoes can be grown elsewhere, the North American climate simply does not accommodate the tomatoes the way the Italian climate does. And perhaps the tomatoes, too, have become deeply, and stubbornly rooted in their Italian heritage.

The same can be said for wheat, and olives. The taste of authentic Italian sauces, pastas, and oils are often imitated, but to date, never replicated.



Where Do Our Produce Come From?

All our products are sourced from traditional Italian growers and producers who take pride in their process. We ensure that every vegetable, herb, and olive used in the sauces we import have been picked fresh from the vine or field and thoroughly inspected for quality and freshness. Everything on our menu has been carefully selected to meet our strict criteria. We focus on small, family-owned producers that use simple, transparent, and organic farming production methods.

Taste the Difference with Imported Italian Produce

We’re here to change the way you cook, one bite at a time.

Discover what real Italian food should taste like. Browse our seasonal inventory of ingredients, like fresh pasta, gourmet coffee, confections, and small-batch oils and vinegars. We make shopping for Italian food imports easy. Simply order online and have your fresh ingredients delivered straight to your door. All our shipments are carefully packaged for quality assurance.

Order high-quality Italian ingredients online from Nini & Deluca and start cooking today.