Cedrata Tassoni Soda was presented in 1956 as an ?evolution? of the traditional Sciroppo di Cedro Tassoni (citron syrup): a fresh and thirst-quenching beverage. Its yellow colour, the unusual bottle design recalling citron peel and the sweet and sour taste of citron are the salient characteristics which make this product so unique. True to a century-old tradition, Cedrata is produced from choice Italian ingredients originally made from the Citrus Medica citrons grown on the shores of Lake Garda, today this citrus flavoured drink contains nothing but natural aromas extracted from the highest quality citrons – the ?Diamante? variety – ripened in the Calabrian sun and sourced directly from the producer. Its list of ingredients is short and sweet to guarantee an all-natural product without any added artificial aromas or preservatives. Product quality is further guaranteed by an eco-friendly glass bottle.