Gourmet Italian Vinegar

Living outside of Italy means that sometimes it can be much harder to find the authentic Italian products and ingredients you love. But fear not – Nini & Deluca offers a wide range of ingredients made in Italy that we can deliver right to your door!

One of those ingredients is vinegar, an integral part of the country’s culinary past. It continues to be used today to season all kinds of dishes, so join us, and start cooking up those family recipes with any of our selection of vinegars. Use them as a condiment to add flavour to even the flattish of dishes.

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What is Vinegar?

In general, vinegar—aceto in Italian—is an acidic liquid that is achieved through fermentation. Its base ingredients vary and determine the final flavour of the vinegar. Grapes and apples are the most common base ingredients in vinegars.

While vinegar is made with grapes or apples, how it’s made will determine the variety, such as red wine or traditional balsamic vinegar.

Different Types of Vinegar Made in Italy

Making the same recipes and food for years gets to be dull. Created by the artisans of Italy, add red wine, balsamic, or distilled white balsamic to your meals.

Red Wine Vinegar: How It’s Made

The process of making wine vinegar is similar to that of wine; white or red grapes are pressed to create grape must. Must is fresh juice that contains the skin, seeds, and stems of grapes before it’s strained.

The aging process for red wine vinegar is usually a maximum of two years. This type of vinegar is watery, has a fruity taste, and is much more acidic than balsamic vinegar.  It’s best used when making marinades and salad dressings.

Nini & Deluca offers Cipriani red wine vinegar, a trusted brand of Italy. It stands out for its low acidity and cabernet Veneto red wine that’s aged in oak barrels. Add a little bit of Italy to your next meal!

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar has some distinguishing features, making it easy to pick out from other vinegars. When compared to red wine, balsamic vinegar is darker and sweet with a thicker consistency.

Balsamic vinegar is made by boiling grape juice until its volume has been reduced by 30% to give it its signature mellow sweetness. Only then is it fermented.

True aged balsamic vinegar is stored in wooden casks for 12 years. This is a high-quality product your local grocery store simply cannot offer. Store-bought vinegars are usually a mix of balsamic vinegar and red wine vinegar, a poor substitute.

Gourmet balsamic vinegar from Italy pairs well with fresh fruits, grilled vegetables, meat, as well as some desserts. An excellent product from Italy to use is Gino Toschi Balmi Glassa Balsamico. It offers that light, sweet taste while enhancing the flavours of cheese, meat, gourmet breads, and vegetables.

An anomaly among balsamic vinegars, distilled white balsamic is the cleanest of all its varieties, which means that it’s sharp, but has a very light flavour. It’s made from corn or wheat, and it can be used in salad dressings and condiments. It’s versatile since its properties make it an effective household cleaning product.

A Gourmet Balsamic Vinegar of Italy

Nini & Deluca offers Gino Toschi Modena Balsamic vinegar or Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP. It is an icon of fine Italian cuisine, adding a sweet-and-sour velvety richness to hundreds of recipes.

This brand of balsamic vinegar adds life to salads, meat, fish, fried food, as well as sushi and tempura. It’s a product of Italy you shouldn’t be without!

Made with cooked must (which is freshly crushed grape juice that contains the skins, seeds, and stems), wine vinegar, and no added caramel, Modena Balsamic vinegar elevates food to a gourmet level with its sharp and robust bouquet.

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Maintaining Italian authenticity is the foundation of our company. Nini & Deluca will help you regain the nostalgia of Italy by providing ingredients that let you make and savour the food of Italian culinary traditions.  Whether you need distilled white balsamic vinegar or wine vinegar,

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