Italian Truffles for Sale

Nini & Deluca offers a wide assortment of carefully selected truffles and artisanal truffle products so you can enjoy the finest gourmet flavours Italy has to offer from the comfort of your home.

Our Italian truffles for sale are selected for their authenticity and quality. For fresh truffles and all of our truffle products, we rely on family-owned producers that use traditional methods and techniques so you can get the ingredients you want while paying homage to the great culinary traditions of Italy.

Make truffles the star of your family’s next feast. Everything you need for authentic, gourmet food that runs the gamut from savoury to sweet is only a few clicks away!

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Italian Truffles

Italy has world-renowned truffles. Their deep fragrances and complex taste profiles are sought after by chefs and home cooks all around the globe. Thanks to Nini & Deluca, you can have the finest Italian truffles and truffle products delivered to your door.

Cultivated in the wild, these Italian delicacies grow only in highly-specific conditions, which is where they get a great deal of their stunning, aromatic flavours. Because they grow underground in the root systems of various local trees, the soil, climate and environment of Italian truffle producing regions imbues each truffle with their essence.

Each bite of a dish made with fresh truffles lets you channel that essence and takes a journey through space and time, without ever leaving your dinner table.No matter how you choose to prepare and serve your truffles, you are sure to impress your family and friends!

White Truffle & Black Truffle

Although virtually everyone agrees that truffles are some of the most delightful delicacies to be found anywhere on earth, describing their flavours does not generate nearly as much consensus.

Truffle flavours are experienced a little bit differently by each person. Most describe black truffles as a mix of things like nutty, earthy and woody with hints of other influences mixed in. White truffles, on the other hand, are usually associated with the sharper scents. Many people describe white truffle as similar to garlic or shallots but with a musky aroma.

The taste of each truffle will vary slightly, as will the language used to describe it. But there is a common denominator: people find them irresistible! Because their aromas mimic powerful mammalian pheromones, eating fresh truffles triggers a profound culinary experience.

Truffles are renowned for their outstanding flavours, but they also have a number of important nutritional benefits, which are often overlooked. Both black and white truffles are rich in both nutrients and antioxidants. Micronutrients such as phosphorous, sodium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron are present in significant amounts in all kinds of truffles, although concentrations vary depending on the type. Also, truffles are a good source of important antioxidants like lycopene, vitamin C, homogentisic acid and gallic acid. Not only are they delicious, truffles are good for you too!

Whole Truffles

The flavours of Italian truffles can be used to elevate any dish. Although most people opt to shave them over fresh pasta, they can also be used in a variety of sauces to achieve new levels of flavour depth.

The truffles we carry are stored only in water, without preservatives or artificial colouring, so our customers can see that they are getting only the finest ingredients.

Truffle Products

In addition to whole truffles, Nini & Deluca carries many Italian truffle products so you can easily create any truffle dish your heart desires:

  • Truffle chips provide a gourmet twist on some familiar comfort food. Fragrant truffle odours elevate is crunchy and tasty snack to gourmet levels.
  • Truffle-flavoured oil takes a kitchen staple – extra virgin olive oil – and infuses it with the delightful flavours of white truffle. The aromatic oil is great to drizzle on classics like pastas and crostinis and can brighten up any dish.
  • Truffle honey marries acacia honey and black summer truffle to create a gourmet food product that is greater than the sum of its parts. You will revel in its complex simplicity.
  • Truffle salt lets you deepen any dish with additional flavour profiles. Its applications are nearly limitless, but truffle salt goes best with roasted meats and fish.
  • Truffle pasta is an artisanal product with gourmet flavours. Made in a variety of traditional pasta shapes, truffle-infused pasta makes it easy to achieve Michelin-star-worthy flavours in any kitchen.

Truffle carpaccio is fresh, seasonal truffles sliced thin and stored in oil. It makes a great addition to any pasta, risotto or sauce, and the remaining oil is perfect for salads. Truly a versatile addition to your kitchen!

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