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Can’t find authentic Italian deserts in your area? Don’t have the time to drive around? Our selection of sweet treats are just as delectable as those from your corner-store bakery, but better!

Made with love and sourced from Italy, discover our wide variety of chocolate, sponge, sugar, and nutty pastries, and have them delivered right to your door!

Perfect for on-the-go snacks and after-dinner indulgences, don’t forget to pair them with a rich Italian coffee to heighten the dessert experience! From crunchy biscotti to melt-in-your-mouth chocolate to soft cream-filled cakes, buy Italian desserts online from Nini & Deluca that will impress and introduce your guests to the artisanal delights of Italy.

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Desserts Made in Italy

Looking for candied treats, ricotta desserts, or a cookie with a hint of almond and other nuts? Nini & Deluca offers popular and well-known Italian brands that are perfect for every occasion.  Our products are staples of Sicily, Prato, Milan, and other regions of Italy.


Enjoy break time with some cookies or biscuits and a piping hot cup of coffee or tea to unwind. Lenzi butter pastry cookies come in Caffettini, Limoncello, and Sambuca. They can give you that little bit of pep that will help you get to the end of your shift.

Our Milka chocolate cookie options are that guilty sugar pleasure that makes sharing them with friends and family more fun. This brand has cookies for every craving, including traditional chocolate chip and bite-sized Oreo sandwiches.


Add Pan Di Stelle spread to toast, fruit, yogurt, and gelato for a hazelnut and chocolate treat. It’s free of palm oil or hydrogenated fats.

A popular choice among kids and adults, our Italian Kinder and Nutella products come in many different forms, but all have that same great hazelnut and cocoa taste.  Add mini Bueno, Happy Hippo snack packs, or Kinder Cards to your child’s lunch to brighten up their day.

When you order from Nini & Deluca, you don’t have to second-guess the origin of our artisanal products. Our customers get only the best of Italy!

Speaking of the best, Baci chocolate is a classic recipe that goes back over 90 years to Perugia. Each bacio or “kiss” has a cocoa filling and a whole hazelnut wrapped in a layer of creamy chocolate. It’s a sweet treat Italians and international chocolate-lovers have been enjoying for decades.


Whether it’s a cake or a cookie, every dessert needs to be made with the right ingredients. Ladyfingers are the signature ingredient in any Italian tiramisu cake recipe. The next time you’re reviewing your recipe, use Marini Savoiardi’s ladyfingers. They add the crumbly, sponge texture that will complete the cake and have your guests raving.

You’re allowed to take some time and enjoy the finer things in life, so go ahead and make that Zucotta cake or Pampapato di Ferrara.


Balocco Pocket wafers come in cocoa butter, hazelnut, and vanilla flavours with a double layer of filling. It’s an excellent match for coffee or tea, whether on its own or stirred in the drink.

Love the taste of Nutella? Instead of having it as a spread, try Nutella B-Ready wafers that have the iconic cocoa and hazelnut filling. Small, yet bursting with sweet goodness, add one of these to your child’s packed lunch with a little note.


High-quality Italian desserts, such as ricotta-filled cannoli pastry, are hard to come by outside of the Old Country. But Nini & Deluca ensures you can find the perfect Italian pastry when company comes calling.

Giotto mini pastries are flavourful wafer orbs that contain a smooth cream filling with hazelnut chunks, making it a scrumptious dessert with coffee or tea.

We offer delicious homemade panettone cake from notable brands like Cipriani that you can give as a gift when visiting family or present to your friends when catering a party. Panettone is an Italian Christmas (or New Year’s) sweet bread. Made with flour, butter, natural yeast, and eggs, it’s a soft dough that can have candied fruits as well as raisins,


Add sweet and syrupy Amarena cherries to your homemade ricotta pie recipe or top off your gelato with these cherries from the Vignola region. For a different flavour, add sweet and tangy Val di Sangro peaches to your cakes and drier pastries. And, while you’re at it, add a nice dollop of whip cream. Now, that’s a dessert!

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Getting your favorite products made in Italy is easy, so celebrate an occasion or make your day special with one of our many cookies, cream-filled pastries, or custard desserts.

As your go-to online shop for authentic Italian products, Nini & Deluca also has ingredients to make all of your favourite recipes, including homemade biscotti and cake that’s native to Italy.

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