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Why spend hours searching your local grocery store for the right Italian pasta, cheese, or sauce when you can get authentic Italian ingredients delivered to your door from Nini & Deluca?

Whether you’re buying gluten-free pasta or durum wheat pasta, Nini & Deluca understands that high-quality food is essential to delight the palate.

With a variety of Italian noodles on offer, from the widely known spaghetti to the more exotic strascinati, we offer products that honor traditional artisanal methods of food preparation from Italy.

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Traditional Pasta Choices Straight from Italy

Most people don’t realize the connection between the shape of a pasta noodle and the sauce it is served in. In fact, using the wrong tomato sauce or parmigiano reggiano can radically reduce a person’s enjoyment of the dish.

Here are some suggestions from the Nini & Deluca pasta experts:

  • Long ribbon pasta, which include spaghetti, tagliarelle, fettuccine, and pappardelle, goes well with meat sauces.
  • Twisted pasta, such as fusilli and gemelli, goes with light and smooth sauce, like pesto.
  • Tube pasta, including rigatoni, penne, penne rigate, and macaroni, mixes well with vegetable sauces, like balsamic vinegar, and cheese sauces.
  • Shell pasta, such as lumache, goes with heavy cream and meat sauces.
  • Filled pasta, including tortellini and ravioli, must be combined with buttery and light oils.
  • Mini pasta, including orzo and canestrini, are best for soups and stews.

Wheat Types
Pasta is made from wheat, but there are different kinds of wheat, such as durum. You will find durum in the majority of our pasta products.
Wheat can also be milled using various techniques, resulting in wheat flours. A wheat flour that many of our products are made with is semolina, which is coarse, derived from durum wheat, and contains gluten.

Organic Pasta
When our pasta products say organic on the package, it means that the wheat they’re made from was grown naturally. No fertilizers, pesticides, additives, or industrial solvents were used in the making of the food.

If you’re looking for organic Italian pasta, try these brands for starters:

  • Pasta di Stigliano has been making their products with 100% Italian grains since 1924. Their pastas are made with bronze-drawn durum wheat semolina.
  • Cipriani has been around since 1931. Their varieties of Italian pasta are made with durum wheat from Puglia, and they’re proud to offer 100% non-genetically engineered wheat.

Making organic dishes, such as penne pasta with tomato and herb, isn’t too difficult these days because organic farming is keeping the ways of tradition alive.

Gluten-Free Pasta
Some shoppers think that gluten-free food is automatically organic, but that is not always the case. Some gluten-free products contain additives. However, pasta that is categorized as gluten-free does not contain gluten, which is good for people with celiac disease, wheat allergies, and gluten ataxia. This way, they can still eat delicious, fresh pasta with the appropriate oil and cheese without any bad consequences.

Granoro is one of the gluten-free brands Nini &Deluca carries. They are known for their five types of pasta all made from corn, rice, and quinoa flour. Granoro was founded in Puglia in 1967, making it an environmentally conscious company that can still provide the world with classic tastes of Italy, even without gluten.

Discover the Right Italian Pasta

Each type of pasta is designed for specific dishes that have a heavy meat sauce or extra virgin olive oil. Our selection of short and long pasta noodles allow our customers to enjoy the quiet dance between pasta and sauce prepared in the way Italians have done for centuries. If you lead a lifestyle that calls for organic or gluten- free pasta, you’ll find what you need to make any Italian dish at Nini & Deluca.

While you’re shopping online for the best pasta, take this opportunity to also browse for Italy’s finest cheese, pasta sauce, and more!

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