Italian Appetizers

When you’re hosting people at your place, appetizers are a great way to set the mood for both the meal and the evening. With classic Italian appetizer recipes and the right ingredients, you can make any occasion impressive. It’s time to get cooking!

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Antipasto Recipe Ideas

At Nini & Deluca, we have a large variety of ingredients you can use to make a variety of recipes, from salads to vegetarian Italian appetizers.

Antipasti can be served as appetizers to hungry guests or be turned into side dishes to complement the main course. With many types of antipasto ingredients on offer (including peperoncini, marinated rapini, and pickled giardiniera) creating delectable and authentic Italian appetizers has never been easier.

More satisfying than regular dry bread sticks, you can serve a selection of taralli alone, or with other appetizers. Pairing taralli with wine or beer is a common practice in Italy because it’s one of many traditional Italian appetizers that’s easy and fast to prepare, especially when company comes calling unexpectedly!

Our assortment of tarallo flavors allow you to sink your teeth into thick, soft dough that can be plain or with a kick, such as with our classico or peperoncini selections.

While there are many recipes out there for those who wish to make homemade taralli, Nini & Deluca imports ready-made varieties of tarallo that tastes just as good while saving you time and energy.

Vegetable Appetizers
When preparing an Italian appetizer, presentation is often its own ingredient to add to the recipe. Embrace the summer by arranging raw and marinated veggies, stuffed olives, cured meats, and blocks of cheese on skewers.

It’s an easy way to provide a nice presentation with ingredients that don’t need any additional cooking!

Rapini in Oil
Fresh rapini can be prepared and seasoned many different ways from sautéed with garlic to baked with orecchiette. But if you’re using our rapini that’s marinated in white vinegar and salt, you won’t need to add a thing! Except the bread, of course.

That said, rapini – also called broccoli rabe – is often served with bread to counter the strong and somewhat bitter taste of the vegetable. Did you know that rapini is rich in vitamin A, B, C, and K? It’s also a source of calcium, potassium, and iron!

Pickled Giardiniera
It is an Italian custom to marinate or pickle vegetables as a way to preserve them for the cold months. When making your own pickled giardiniera, you can choose the mix of vegetables you want, although it’s often made with:

  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Hot and sweet peppers
  • Cabbage
  • Spring onions

When you don’t have the time or the energy to prepare a pickled giardiniera appetizer, try ours! We use salt, white wine vinegar, and water to give the veggies their mouth-watering taste.

If you’re serving pickled giardiniera with beef slices or other types of meat, it may remind you of a simpler time when maybe you were back in the Old Country and picked the fresh vegetables from the garden, which is what “giardiniera” means.

Olives are versatile, complementing antipasti recipes, salads, and accompanying cured meats, cheese, and crackers in a buffet. We would not be able to call ourselves an authentic Italian online grocery if we didn’t carry this icon of the Mediterranean.

Much like the tomato, olives are a fruit that most people use more like a vegetable, serving it on its own or turning it into an appetizer and side dish. We offer a selection of mixed olives that have been prepared in location-specific methods, such as the:

  • Castelvetrano method in Sicily that gives olives a delicate taste
  • Sivigliano method in Puglia that gives olives an intense taste
  • Natural method in Lazio and Abruzzo that gives olives a strong and traditional taste

While olives bring a little life to the party, they can also be added to aperitifs as family and friends enjoy simple and easy appetizers, such as bacon and olive cake or mozzarella, olive, and tomato crostinis.

We’ve given you some good food for thought, so let Nini & Deluca help you out with your recipes! Browse through our selection now.

Get Together Over a Dish of the Best Italian Appetizers

Food has a way of bringing families and communities together. The dinner table is an important place where connections are made and good food is shared, making each day special.

Spending time with loved ones while eating scrumptious rapini or passing around yummy taralli as you all celebrate an occasion makes the gathering much more memorable.

Whether you’re hosting a party or having a few friends over, put those Italian appetizer recipes to good use! And where are you going to buy Italian appetizers online? Through Nini & Deluca, your go-to authentic Italian grocery store! Start shopping now, or contact us!

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